Monday, March 26, 2007

This weather is NUTS!

I owe you people some food-related posts...of this I am well aware. I promise, they will come shortly. In the meantime, you have to see these pictures. I fell asleep on the couch the other night, and woke up to let the dogs out just as the sun was coming up. I grabbed my camera and snapped these beautiful shots while I was waiting for them to do their business. Mind you, the day before, a pair of doves was sitting on the back fence, starting to build a nest in the big tree. And then this happened, on the 25th of March, I might add! The really crazy part is, when I got up just a few hours later, the new snow was completely gone, the birds were back in the tree, and you could even see some green peeping through all the brown in the "lawn." BIZARRE! It reminds me of the expression, "Don't like the weather? Wait five'll change!"

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Anonymous said...

Snow?! Hunneh...I'm sitting here with my backdoor open, and it's still 75 in Chicago. But probably not for long.