Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Replacing Dishes and Remaking Dinner

I guess this isn't really food-related, but it is food-adjacent, and I'm just SO excited that I must share! I just used a chunk of my tax refund, not on badly-needed home repairs or other bills as I surely should, but on something I've wanted for at least twenty years: Ten full place settings of colorful (SQUARE!) Fiestaware, including dinner, luncheon and salad plates and mugs in six different colors: Flamingo, Tangerine, Peacock, Lemongrass, Sunflower and Turquoise. I blame my dear friend, Jay, for enabling this irresponsible, addictive behavior. (And I thank Macy's for an excellent seasonal sale, an extra 15% off for signing up for email, and for free shipping on heavy dishes.)
Ok, so to turn this back around to recipe talk, I wanted and intended to post about this lovely potato soup that I made in the crock pot last night. But when I got home from work, I was horrified to discover that the soup had turned brown and curdled! I really don't know what happened, as I've made milk-based soups in a slow cooker before and never experienced anything like this. Strange.

In any case, I ended up having to remake dinner last night, and it turned out like a rather clever episode of Chopped. First, I strained the cooked potatoes out of the soup, rinsed and drained them, and then tossed them with some Cajun seasoning. Then I chopped up some leftover smoked brisket. I also found two little half bags of shredded cheese in the fridge and a package of corn tortillas. I warmed the tortillas in the microwave, added some cheese, some chopped brisket and some little chunks of seasoned potato, and rolled them all up. I thought I had enchilada sauce on hand, but I didn't. But after rooting around in the pantry, I found a jar of Alfredo sauce and a some homemade salsa verde. I stirred those together, thinned it out with some fresh cream, poured it over my filled tortillas, and baked uncovered for about 30 minutes at 350, topping with more shredded cheese for the last ten minutes.TA-DAH! Smoked Brisket and Potato Enchiladas with Creamy Verde Sauce! I am a culinary wizard--feign to deny it--and one with pretty new dishes, too!

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