Sunday, December 27, 2015

Instant Pot Tutorial Videos

My beloved friend Kurt received an Instant Pot for Christmas (perhaps gifted by yours truly), but he's scared of it. So I decided to try something new myself to walk him through it, and to show him that the magic pot is nothing to fear. I had a big package of chicken thighs to deal with, so I just threw them in the pot with whatever seasonings caught my eye--basically, whatever was nearby, and I could grab quickly: seasoned salt, pepper, granulated garlic, ground celery, dried Italian herbs, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. Oh, and a half an onion, chopped. Then I added a generous cup of chicken broth, put the lid on, turned the knob to seal, and hit the poultry button which defaults to 15 minutes.

Since the scariest part is opening the pot, I decided it might be a comfort to my best friend (and maybe to you, dear reader) if I made some real-time videos to show him that no one dies when releasing the pressure. (This is not your momma's old pressure cooker!)

Video #1 (Opening the pot):

Video #2 (The big reveal):

Video #3 (Ready for crisping under the broiler):

Video #4 (Out of the oven, crispy and gorgeous!):

Video #5 (Gilding the lily):

After making FIVE Instant Pot videos for Kurt yesterday, he complained that I hadn't started at the very beginning. Apparently, he needed a video tutorial of me putting on the lid and pressing a button. Sheesh. Then I ended up making a quick soup with the leftover chicken broth, so here are a few more videos.

Video #6 (From the top):

Video #7 (Soup, Part I):

Video #8 (Soup, Part II/Finale):

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