Monday, January 23, 2017

A Man Called Ove Eats a Scandinavian Feast

My book club met last night, and we read a wonderful book entitled A Man Called Ove. I saw the movie when I was in Sweden last summer, and it was really good, but the book was even better! And of course, we had to have a full Swedish smorgasbord to accompany our lively discussion. Everything was as delicious as the charming and poignant novel.

Jaime cured her own salmon gravlax and served it with a mustard sauce, shaved fennel, and brown bread.
Back: Kathy made a Persian chicken and rice dish like a Ove's Iranian neighbor, Parvaneh, shared with him.

Front: Janice made a delicious potato gratin called Flødekartofler, which I think is actually Danish, but oh well. It was yummy!

Clockwise, from bottom left: Shann made Västerbottensost-Oliver, these little cheesy dough-wrapped olives.

Our lovely hostess, Katie, made the ubiquitous cucumber salad that is served with everything in Sweden.

Kathy made potato dumplings filled with bacon and onions called kroppkaka.

I tried to replicate one of the best things I tasted in Sweden, at a proper smorgasbord at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm: A Västerbotten Creme Topped with Strawberry-Rhubarb Preserves which I served with multigrain crispbread. (Västerbotten is a hard, salty cheese, kind of like Swedish Parmesan. A hunk of it was one of the few "souvenirs" that I brought home in my carry-on.)

Katie's cucumber salad.
Janice's gratin.
Kathy's Persian Chicken and Rice.
Kathy's dumplings and my Västerbotten spread.
Janice made another type of potato dish. I think it was also of Danish origin and is called Hasselback Kartofler.
My delicious Scandinavian dinner!
The Swedish stew (kalops) that I made and served with steamed new potatoes and dill.
Domenica made a chocolate kladdkaka (cloud cake) topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and--OF COURSE--a Swedish fish!


Carolyn said...

My book club read the same book, but we didn't have that wonderful meal!

Joy Bugaloo said...

Hi, Carolyn. My book club stopped kidding ourselves long ago. We know the REAL reason we get together. We should just call ourselves the Potluck Club! But it is fantastic! We always do a meal that has something to do with the book we read before we discuss it. One time, we read Clan of the Cave Bear and did a Paleo meal...ha ha.