Friday, January 27, 2006 own space!

Hello out there...

I have finally given in and started my own blog. I spend so much of my time reading others and posting to them, that I figured I should have my own space to share my own thoughts with whomever might float in from the far reaches of cyberspace. Mostly my thoughts are about cooking and baking, but I may also divert into t.v., film, books, music, and other tidbits from pop culture from time to time. Then again, I might discuss travelling and road trips, or gardening, or life with my dogs and the other critters on the farm. Who can say? But I am quite pleased to have accomplished one of my New Year's resolutions before January is even through! Now, I don't usually subscribe to pointless endeavors that I have little to no chance of completing. But that's why, this year, I have chosen resolutions that are, above all, realistic and do-able. Here they are (in no particular order):

1) Start my own food blog (check).
2) Always have homemade vinaigrette in the fridge (check).
3) BAKE MORE BREAD! (I have recently reached the end of a prolonged brioche phase over my winter break from school, and soon, I may gather up enough courage to move on to the laminated doughs like puff pastry, croissants and Danish--yikes!)

Well, that seems sufficient for an initial post...just getting my feet wet in the World O' Blogs. There will be more...and whatever it may be, it will surely be LUSCIOUS!

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June said...

I predict many clicks on this site...a great many of them from me!! It's pretty, too.