Sunday, April 16, 2006

HAPPY EASTER (Bawk, bawk!)

Given that my hens are laying so well right now, I have eggs coming out of my ears, and I need to do something with them. The obvious choice is to hard-cook and dye some for Easter. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you dyed BROWN eggs? Well, here's the answer. Kinda pretty, huh? HAPPY EASTER, everyone! :-D


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those did turn out beautifully! See, I knew if I poked you with a stick you'd post something. And I was right! You ain't shut-up since!

kitchenmage said...

Those colors are so much better than the usual pastels...even saturated pastels are lame by comparison. What did you use for dye?

Anonymous said...

It was great running into you at the Sacramento airport! How was the doggie convention?
Let me know if you are the right Gina :)
Much love,