Monday, June 19, 2006

Baking takes a backseat this weekend...

I am sad to report that I have done no cooking nor baking of any note this weekend, as we finally had some good weather, and--better late than never--the garden HAD to go in! My back and legs may never be the same, and I am sunburned and bug-bitten to boot, but weather and the Good Lord providing, we will have lots of delicious veggies in a couple-to-few months' time. I am not done yet, as the relatively mild winter (and more to the point, lack of a protective snow cover) proved quite detrimental to my lovely perennial herb garden. So many plants need to be replaced there, but I did manage to get the lion's share of the planting in the vegetable gardens done, including 48 individual varieties of tomatoes (mostly interestingly-colored heirlooms, all grown from seed, as is my passion) and 17 types of both hot and sweet peppers. And I must tell you, that I really scaled back this year! I usually grow about 70 different varieties of tomatoes, but I'm getting old and starting to slack off. ;-) I was also pleasantly surprised to find lots of cucumber and squash volunteers this year that we will let grow and just see what we end up with. And other than some greens and other tidbits here and there, that might just have to do for this year's garden. Below are the tomatoes and peppers that I'm growing for anyone who is interested in such things. And I promise, I will be back to food blogging very soon--stay tuned!

Amish Gold
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Better Boy
Big Rainbow
Black from Tula
Black Plum
Black Prince
Cosmonaut Volkov
Craig's Magnus
Craig's Matchless
Earl of Edgecombe
Farmer's Market #1
Ferris Wheel
Golden Roma
Grandpa's Cock's Plume
Green Zebra
Isis Candy Cherry
Italian Beefsteak
Lemon Boy
Lucky Cross
Mortgage Lifter Bicolor
Mr. Stripey
New Zealand Pink Pear
Paul Robeson
Porter's Dark Cherry
Old German
Old Yellow Candy Stripe
Rio Grande
Rose de Berne
Sasha's Altai
Sun Sugar
Super Marmande
Sweet Cluster
Sweet Olive
Wolford's Wonder
Yellow Bell
Yellow Pear

Antohi Romanian
Big Chile
Golden Cayenne
Golden Greek
Mild Jalapeno
Orange Sunsweet
Purple Jalapeno
Red Beauty
Sweet Chocolate

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With Love, Fat Girl said...

Hi Lindsey,

I stopped by your blog awhile ago, really liked it, then you stopped by on my blog, and I haven't been back since! I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself, but have since learned (yeah I know, I'm a slow one) the subtle art of linking, and have added you to my list. Is that okay?

I'll *definitely* be back more often in the future, and let me know if you ever want to trade doggie biscuit recipes!