Friday, September 08, 2006

The September Tomato: The First Big Haul!

So I went outside this morning to pick "a few" tomatoes for my friend, Vicky, who lives in a cabin way out in the woods and has no garden--at least, not this year. (She's been working on more pressing matters like getting an operational shower and putting in a floor!) Anyhoo, I went out there to grab a handful of tomatoes for my dear friend, and LOOK what happened!
Sheesh! Now the deluge...and the race to get the rest of them to ripen before the first frost, which could be any second now in this part of the world! :-( Good thing you don't need an oven to make bruschetta--LOTS and LOTS of bruschetta! Oh, which reminds me. I found the yummiest pita chips at Sam's Club. They are called Regenie's Multi Grain Plus Thin Cut Crunchy Pita Chips. It says they contain fiber-rich grains like flaxseed and linseed and are low in saturated fat, but I am not fooled for a moment into believing that they are actually good for you. Nevertheless, they are mighty tasty and just perfect for scooping up some zesty bruschetta made with sweet, sun-ripened garden tomatoes. Just thought I'd pass along that serving suggestion for those of you who are overrun with tomatoes at this time of year! Savor it, friends. It is over all too soon. And the winter is long...much too long. :-(


Randi said...

*big sigh* They are beautiful, but I hate raw tomatoes.

JoyBugaloo said...

I used to, too, until I started growing them! :-) --Gina