Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lee Ann's Sweet and Salty Birthday Treats

My dear friend and officemate, Lee Ann, had a birthday this week, and she requested the same extreme lemon cake that her husband, Steve, had back in September. But to add a different--pun intended--twist for Lee Ann, I made it in my fairy cottage bundt pan that I got on clearance after the holidays. Isn't it cute? :-)

Then, for a fun birthday present, I ordered her party pack of new Kettle Chip flavors (thanks to my buddy, Randi, for the idea and for a picture of the goodies). The company hosted a "People's Choice" contest recently to choose their newest flavor, and customers could buy a sampler of five different kinds: Royal Indian Curry, Island Jerk, Dragon 5 Spice, Twisted Chili Lime, and Aztec Chocolate. (Island Jerk won, by the way, and will soon be on store shelves near you!) The five bags of chips also came with some cute postcards that have food pairing suggestions (tee hee), a metal bookmark, and a sampler of world music entitled, "Putumayo: Music for Every Palate." Neat, huh? And here's the best part...the whole party pack from Kettle Foods, including shipping, is only 15 bucks! Better yet, if you want to order some for a friend and keep a set of chips for yourself, it's just $25 for the double pack. (You don't have to ask...of course that's what I did!) And yes, you can still order some for yourself, but hurry, as these are limited edition trial flavors, and since the contest is already over, I suspect they will be gone very soon.

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Randi said...

So, did you break into the chips yet? Robin has tried the jerk ( way spicy, but she really liked it) and the curry( I enjoyed that). I'm really curious about the chocolate.