Friday, May 25, 2012

The Weeping Pig: Your Tastebuds Will Cry with Joy!

A few months ago, a local bakery that I "like" on Facebook was advertising a sandwich special that was hilariously dubbed "The Weeping Pig" (pictured left). It featured ham, bacon, and prosciutto, and it was dressed with balsamic onion marmalade and roasted garlic mayo. Ham, bacon, AND prosciutto? Poor piggy! (Hence, the name. Although maybe it should have been called "The Weeping Cardiologist!")

I never made it downtown to check it out on the appointed day, but the sandwich was listed as a special again today. I had just finished a four-day education workshop (rewarding, but exhausting!), so I thought I might treat myself to a porcine luncheoon at Delish. As I anticipated, "The Weeping Pig" was savory and decadent, so much so that I was going on and on about it to my roommate that evening. Not surprisingly, she was miffed that I didn't bring her one. (Sidebar: It should be noted that I DID call from the bakery, but she said she and her co-workers had already had lunch brought in from someplace--so there!).

Therefore, I took it upon myself--as I so often do--to recreate the sandwich at home, or my own version of it, at any rate (pictured below). I bought some off-the-bone ham and prosciutto, fried up some thick-cut pepper bacon, unearthed some onion confit that I had preserved many moons ago and zhooshed it up with some balsamic vinegar, mixed some smashed garlic (raw, not roasted) into good-quality mayo, and added slices of extra-sharp cheddar. Finally, instead of a baguette, I made the sandwiches on these crusty cheddar-garlic rolls that I found at Price Chopper. The verdict? CRAZY GOOD! (Sorry, piggy.)

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