Saturday, June 29, 2013

My new pickled OBSESSION!

I discovered the pungent joy of spring's garlic scapes quite a few years ago, but up until now, all I've ever done with them is add them to a stir fry or make a powerful pesto. But this year, I decided to try making them into PICKLES! I just used my favorite dilly bean recipe (without the garlic cloves, of course), and they turned out PERFECTLY!

However, the most important thing I learned was that the wispy, chive-like bit at the end of each scape are tough and NOT good eats. So just trim those away, and then cut the thicker stems into lengths that will fit into pint jars. IF the flower head is slender and still tightly closed, you can add those to the jars as well, then proceed as you would do with green beans. You really should wait two weeks before you open and try them (even better, wait a month), but I only made it week before I ate the first jar, and went in search of more scapes to pickle a second batch! ;-)

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