Tuesday, January 16, 2007


You think it's a little COLD? I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but if you look closely, you can see what happened to the eggs this morning. The one in the lower/center is normal, but the top two eggs were frozen in their shells--whites and yolks together--and retained that shape. I guess it's payback time for all that griping about the unseasonably warm winter! We are currently at -1 and dropping! And to top it all off, my vacation officially ends today--BOO HISS! I'm due at school in the morning at 8:30am--GACK!! So I better open the cabinets where the pipes are so that the heat can get to them, turn on the taps to the diameter of a pencil, and head to bed. A typical but brutal start to "spring" semester! UGH!


Anonymous said...

Where do you keep your eggs that they froze?

JoyBugaloo said...

Well, in this particular case, my helpful next-door neighbor collected them for me and left them by the back door. But when it's subzero, the eggs can freeze right in the coop before anyone gathers them!

Normally, this is not an issue, because the hens rarely lay in the winter when they're spending all their energy to keep warm. But the 50-degree days we were having around the holidays brought on a laying spurt, so now, I'm getting some frozen eggs! Weird year weather-wise!

Cyd said...

You could warm-up by getting yourself out in the kitchen and making some short ribs.

JoyBugaloo said...

Why don't YOU make us some short ribs once in awhile?! Your arms ain't broke! ;-)