Thursday, July 10, 2014

CLCA Day 9 (And a first-hand report from my roomie!)

"Cyd's Low-Carb Adventure," Day 9
Breakfast: Berry Smoothie (with almond milk)
Lunch: There are sketchy reports of a takeout salad.
Dinner: Chicken, Spinach and Cheese Sausages, Corn on the Cob

Yeah, yeah. I know. Corn isn't low-carb. But remember, we're cutting carbs here, not eliminating. And it's all about exchanges. If you have fruit for breakfast and a salad for lunch, you can splurge on something starchy at dinner!

Carb count: 118 (even with the corn!)

It's only been a little more than a week since making significant changes to her diet, but Cyd says:
"I can honestly say that i have already seen an impact on my digestive issues. I've had some moderate nausea here and there (and one very bad day), but all in all, my daily nausea level has decreased from about a 7-to-10 out of 10 to maybe 3-5. That alone is HUGE for someone who gets sick pretty much daily. And if my doctor's scale is to be trusted, I've lost about 24lbs from the time I went into the hospital and now. And I have people every day tell me that I just look healthier, that my color is better and I don't look like I am on the verge of puking all the time. So yes, I do feel better. I know I have just started, but it has been so positive--even with the pretty moderate changes--that it is helping to keep me motivated when the stress at work makes me want to run for junk in the vending machines."

"Also, the change in insulin intake has been enormous. I was using 200 units of the long-acting type (which is a TON) a day and supplementing that with as-needed doses of the fast-acting insulin. So I was using between 200- 300 units of insulin per day. The most I have used since leaving the hospital is a total of 20 units per day of the fast-acting just here and there when my glucose levels have been a tad high. I can't believe the difference just kind of watching my carbs has made."

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